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There is an opinion that sex with an adult woman is better. This is true, but only in part. Usually, adult women already understand and know how to give pleasure to both themselves and their partners. They are more liberated, devoid of adolescent complexes about the shortcomings of their own bodies. First of all, experience still plays here, so they are more passionate. But this applies only to those who, over the years, comprehend the lessons of the wisdom of life, including physical. If a woman remains clamped, does not reveal over the years, and closeness develops into the category of "necessary", which happens much often, then it will be possible to distinguish her from an inept girl only by a displeased facial expression. All people are individual, and many really reveal themselves over the years, but age is far from an indicator of a skilled lover.

Good sex ... The problem is that the question is posed incorrectly. Hence all sorts of incomprehensibility. Let's take a closer look.

Sex is a physiological effect, characterized by a wide variety of forms. But they are all alike in one. Sex has two important functions - reproduction of offspring and - pleasure.

Reproduction of offspring imposes some physiological, as well as some socio-psychological restrictions on the forms of sex and relationships of partners (the so-called taboo). Physiology has purely genetic problems. Social taboos have a certain number of prohibitions, which are also mainly tied to physiology. But the development of science and technology, in relation to contraception, practically makes it possible to cancel some prohibitions. In fact, there is a MAN and there is a WOMAN. If the purpose of sex is only pleasure, then many old taboos can be thrown into the trash). And then the main thing remains - the partners should like each other. Then the psycho-physiological factor is mixed with the physiological factor, and the pleasure will be more complete and bright. So neither gender, nor age (up to certain limits of course), nor even (oh horror!) Family ties of partners) are important. Only DESIRE and ACTION. MUTUAL ... Hence a small conclusion on the actual question - sex with an adult woman is good for someone who excites such sex ...

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